About Us

Blueagle Carpet Cleaning was started by Dennis Eagle in 2003 after taking a year to research the market and industry simultaneously selling his transportation company, trucks and equipment. His plan was to invest into a community service business to leave his children and their families. There were several good carpet cleaning companies in the community but the demand was growing rapidly.

The goal and commitment of this new company would be to provide clients with a quality, reliable and dependable service, add to the community at large and to bring glory to God in everything we do. To date Blueagle has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Super Service Award with Angie’s List. The company offers a promise of satisfaction or a money back guarantee that can’t be refused.

The company remains a family business today. Eagle’s wife, Denise (DJ) manages the office and their sons John and Daniel Eagle are lead technicians. Their daughter, Missy plans on joining the company to assist Denise with increasing office duties. Every year has been the best year in growth for the company and our clientele has become the finest and most loyal anywhere.

The Blueagle Bonnet extracting system was chosen because of the Low Moisture Impact to the carpet and the Rapid Drying/ Zero Residue of the Carbonated Solution® cleaning products. This system out cleans anything on the market and leaves the carpet looking new. Most spots and stains are removed with normal cleaning and if they come out they stay out. If a spot or stain returns so will Blueagle at no additional charge. The techs believe that if a spot or stain comes out they can keep it out and they are willing to try.

The Blueagle Carpet Cleaning System is tough on dirt but gentle on carpet and safe to use for family and pets. Our System removes soil deeper and leaves carpets clean twice as long as all other systems, according to our clients. If a first time client doesn’t think their carpet looks new, Blueagle will fully refund the money and pay the Professional of their choice to clean it for them.

Why Blueagle?


You Can Trust Blueagle to use the safest and most effective products available guaranteeing your 100% satisfied with our work performance. That’s why we choose Carbonated Solutions® cleaning products as our best possible choice!

Safe! Because it matters what goes on your carpet, our carbonated cleaner is safe for people and pets! Our cleaner is such an uncommonly clean product that we would compare it to cleaning your carpets with club soda. So much so that we like to say, “we put the club in club soda!”.

All Natural! Carbonated Solutions® carbonated cleaner is a specific blend of organic and mineral compounds that dissolve completely in water creating millions of clean, clear bubbles that help lift carpet soils to the surface.

No Soaps! As the name implies, this amazing carbonated cleaner contains no soaps, detergents, surfactants, phosphates, brighteners or bleach.

Dries Quickly! Because of the unique effervescing action of the carbonated cleaner and the fact that there are no soaps or oily residues, most carpets cleaned with Carbonated Solutions® carbonated cleaner dry in about an hour.

Virtually Residue Free! Because our carbonated cleaner uses no soaps or detergents there are no soil-attracting residues left in the carpet, which means your carpet stays cleaner longer!

Odorless! Carbonated Solutions® carbonated cleaner has no odor. In fact, it has the ability to remove stale household odors from the carpet pile, leaving the carpet clean and fresh.

Deep Cleaning! By not using any thick soaps or detergents to get in the way or impede the cleaning process our clear carbonated cleaner can penetrate the carpet fiber quickly, reaching the dirt and soils that other cleaning products simply mask with brighteners. Once emulsified, these soils are easily lifted away by the effervescing action of the tiny carbonation bubbles which help bring those foreign particles to the surface of the carpet fiber, where they are easily and quickly cleaned away.

Great Value! Your carpet represents a substantial investment in your home. By cleaning your carpets with Carbonated Solutions® carbonated cleaner your carpets will stay cleaner longer (no soil-attracting residues), won’t promote matting in your traffic areas, and will preserve the overall appearance of your carpet.

The Ultimate Guarantee! Your Neighbors will think you had new carpet installed after we clean it or it is free! “That’s right! If you don’t feel our Ultimate System in carpet cleaning is the most thorough you have ever experienced and neighbors don’t think it is new, we will clean it again for free! If for any reason you are still not pleased, we will refund your money & pay the company of your choice to professionally clean it over for you. Could we be any fairer than that? You deserve the best the industry has to offer and you owe it to yourself to try Blueagle. That is why we make it so easy for you to say-YES!”